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Cannabis may have negative side effects or interactions with other medications. Cannabis is a prescription only medication in Australia and is not available for purchase by the general public.

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Tempo 19 (Indica)

High THC Low CBD Indica Dominant


Kosher Kush

THC 19%

CBD <1%

Category 5
Schedule 8
$99 / $6.60 g
Low Stock
Updated: 21/11/22

19% THC. Tempo (Indica) is a high-THC indica dominant strain.

Available on MedReleaf Concession Scheme. Patients must have an active CRN (Centrelink customer Reference Number).

This product is ONLY available to the following cardholders:

  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
  • Health Care Card
  • Veteran Card Holders

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Based on 2 reviews

Top reported conditions % say it helps
Chronic Pain (Non-Cancer) 100%

Top reported effects

  1. Calming
  2. Pain Relief
  3. Tired/Sleepy
  4. Relaxed
  5. Happy

Top reported flavours/scents

Although the information above is compiled from real patient reviews, it is not to be taken as medical advice. Cannabis may have negative side effects or interactions with other medications. Medical Cannabis is not effective for everyone and more research needs to be done. Please consult a health professional for advice.

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5 Avg. rating from 2 reviews

5 star
4 star
3 star
2 star
1 star

Reviewed on Nov 28, 2022 by Benji89

Pleasant surprise

Rapid effects and consistent, it's a very good smoke once hydrated. As was a tad dry the last few tu... Rapid effects and consistent, it's a very good smoke once hydrated. As was a tad dry the last few tubs I found but I'd rather this over wappa or strawberry cheesecake

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  • Did this product help? Yes
  • Price paid (excl. delivery) $99
  • Helps with
  • Chronic Pain (Non-Cancer) , Insomnia Happy, Tired/Sleepy, Calming, Pain Relief, Focused, Dry Eyes
  • Method
  • Smoked (Bong) Earthy, Spicy/Herbal, Woody

Reviewed on Nov 21, 2022 by Keeperofthestones1

Trusty Indica relief above ALL others

Medical effects were rapid with a pleasent relaxed uplifting mood improvement initially and building... Medical effects were rapid with a pleasent relaxed uplifting mood improvement initially and building slowly to a calm quite state of relaxation and happiness. Sore tendons and tired aching spinal nerves suffering compression immediately feel relieved and thankful. My overall state of heightened sensitivity and over responsiveness to anything due to relentless pain and fatigue , waned away and my mind was able to process long irritating thoughts away into a serene focus of nothing much . Any cannabis product that can calm my highly strung constant flight or fight syndrome caused by relentless chronic pain (spine , nerves , disks and riduclopathy,) 23 years.) Is a true indica of good genetics that deserves recognition for its effecasy on chronic pain . It really seems to calm the entire CNS. Nicely . Cerebral effect was relaxing and calming and anxiety driven by pain dissipated immediately replaced by quite calm serenity. Overall effect is moderate regarding no heavy eyes or drys but I am relaxing on the couch doing a review after two bowls in the airiser 2 @ 215. So it has good knock down effect if you are wound up , sleep induction occurs around 1g in two sessions reliably if you lay down . I went away from this one and tried every product 22 to 26 percent and discovered no other product that delivered a true indica effect and discovered high thc flower lacks my sought effect of relaxation of the nervous system to relieve pain. NONE. Sure I was nicely baked even knocked down but my pain was not adequately dealt with for me to enjoy the sky high lift which only activates the CNS further doing nothing for anxiety pain or nerve pain . One could confuse the high stoning and hyper mood lift and activation as benificial but for me it was negative regarding relaxation which is critical to my pain relief meditation and mind control self hypnosis practices which replace 150 mg of oxy, pain relief wise I have only cannabis flower and products now because accumulated pharmaceutical drug damage has destroyed my stomach lining and mental health. Finding the right product is critical and I had my script lowered so I could return to indimed indica . Presentation is a little below top tier but not by much, the strain itself has superior medical properties and is sold at reasonable price , I add a little rind for a few hours and the life returns to really a nice indica flower . Overall I gave five star not because you be amazed by a beautiful smelling hybrid and be stoned o the moon , but because this particular medical flower has beneficial properties that assist coping with my severe pain and also calms my mind more effectively than products sold at more than triple the price. If you want severe pain relief and calmness I could not find a better overall product at a more affordable price . It was fun but I'm back to indimed day ,and blend it up with stronger for sleep induction . Thankyou Indimed , reliable medical pain relief I'll testify to from now on . However I'd love to see more turpines and original oils , where did they go ? Nothing can disappear,,, and this really nice flower should be dripping with turpines and plant oils that appear to be very very much goneski. ? Like over standardised (irradiated to many times)? Still good at price. I added broad spectrum high CBD oil humacology relax W natural turps to my regime and found it restored, unlocked the wholesome pain relief and bush resiny sedation effects I seek from cannabis. So I guess these natural turpines are the key to unlocking thc and CBD effects , very strongly suggest using these type oils to compensate for turpine damaged medical cannabis across board . I was amazed the effects of good resiny cannabis were unlocked for me again outside of fresh quality bush ... Very much reduces consumption required to get body relief. Maybe knowing highly standardised , irradiated weed has turpine damage , why not add standardised turpines back into the product . ? I'd pay a little more to have my cannabis containing the actually turpines it is supposed to have pre irradiation.,?? So I don't have to use oils as well to get desired effect of actual turpine loaded cannabis... I don't know if that's morally right but hey whatever it takes ..... Add a few standardised turps back in and viola 5 star product . Or just don't radiate it . Fullstop. Nah don't be silly I'm sure it's safe one report by a producer bedrocan says so .oh wait it doesn't ,it says turpine loss 38%......loss? No it Mutated to what? , that they did not reveal. That's why I say stop irradiating things many times , it sucks really .

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  • Did this product help? Yes
  • Price paid (excl. delivery) $99
  • Batch # (on label) Pkd5/22
  • Helps with
  • Chronic Pain (Non-Cancer) , Neuropathic Pain Deflighted , defighted , relieved
  • Method
  • Vaporiser Nutty, Spicy/Herbal, Woody