Canna Reviews is a patient and community based advocacy platform for patients to share their medical cannabis experiences. Experiences and feedback is shared in the form of reviews. We're like the 'Trip Advisor of Medical Cannabis'!

Built by patients, for patients.

Patients share their experiences on various social media channels and communities such as Reddit - /r/MedicalCannabisOz//r/AusEnts, and Facebook - CBD Reviews Australia . This website is another such community and an extension of those mediums with a more structured and curated approach.

As the legal medical cannabis industry is still finding its legs in Australia, there is a lack of transparency of processes, doctor and clinic information/pricing, cannabinoid scientific research as well as product pricing and availability. This also goes for patient experiences with them being scattered across many platforms in a completely random way. In our observations and interactions both online and in person with other patients, there is a common theme of accessibility issues, price gouging by select businesses from clinics charging exorbitant fees to pharmacies charging exploitative and unreasonable dispensing fees.

Patients are being taken advantage of and this is unacceptable.

Businesses are able to take advantage of patients due to this lack of transparency in the industry. Canna Reviews Australia endeavours to provide this transparency so patients are able to see if they are being overcharged, having choices removed/limited and in general, shine a light on unscrupulous behaviour. Our platform is an inclusive community where patients can share their experiences thereby informing and supporting others that are ill who are prescribed medical cannabis.

The website is fundamentally a patient advocacy platform for educational, informational and review purposes. Doctors, Nurses, Specialists and Pharmacists are also welcome to participate on Canna Reviews and sign up for an account to help with prescribing as well as patient and product knowledge.

We are an unbiased independent resource where all brands, products, doctors and clinics are fairly and evenly represented.

No brand or company is given preferential treatment with every page load being random before being filtered by the user. We do not give our own opinions or share our personal views. Every review is moderated before being published.

Information is obtained from and provided by the community at large, direct from suppliers, doctors, pharmacists and industry sources. It takes a lot of effort to gather the information on the website from the multitude of sources available. We do our best to keep product information up to date and as accurate as possible. Please let us know if you spot an error and we'll fix it as best we can.

Canna Reviews Australia is a labour of love and we hope that patients, practitioners, pharmacists and the broader medical cannabis industry at large finds it a helpful and valuable resource to support their medical cannabis journey.

We thank everyone who has expressed their support!