Review Guidelines

By Canna Reviews Moderator

Canna Reviews was founded to support patients on their medical cannabis journey. To get the most out of this website for yourself and to be beneficial for others - here are some gentle reminders when writing a review:

5 Simple Rules

  1. Be genuine - share your experience with detail and be impartial
  2. Be coherent - use good grammar, spelling and tone. Avoid the rant
  3. Be kind - you can share your experience without abuse and threats
  4. Be safe - avoid sharing personal names or contact details
  5. Be polite - don't be a jerk, minimise swearing and shouting (all capitals)

Reviews & content

Reviews should be based on your own personal experience with a reasonable amount of detail and not just a few words. Reviews should focus on the medical effects to be of most value to other patients. Reviews focused on appearance may be declined. This is a medical community to help patients find better health outcomes - not a recreational forum. If you haven't actually been prescribed a product, don't submit a review as this isn't helping your fellow patients. Avoid speaking for others and posting on their behalf - instead, we would love to hear from them directly!

Abusive behaviour

Canna Reviews has a zero-tolerance approach to abusive, threatening, intimidating, or insulting behaviour. This applies to making comments about any company or individual. This is a space to read and review experiences, not to feel unsafe or disparaged. Any behaviour that violates this rule will not be tolerated - your review will be declined, and your account will be disabled. Please respect fellow patients experiences - everyone is affected differently by this wonderful plant medicine.


Canna Reviews recognises the passion in this community, however, please be mindful of the language used in your review, particularly foul language. Canna Reviews reserves the right to decline a review if the language used is deemed excessive, offensive, misleading or unnecessary.


Consider the message you are trying to get across in your review, before hitting submit! Sticking to the facts, being concise and avoiding tangents are the best way to get your message across without ranting and getting off topic. Your review will get more views and be of more benefit to others if its helpful.

Writing consistently negative reviews

Canna Reviews is a trusted review site because of a wide range of personal experiences and the genuine desire to help others - both with positive and negative reviews. However, if you are a patient who only submits reviews that are negative, Canna Reviews recognises this as a pattern and reserves the right to decline these reviews. If you are experiencing consistently negative outcomes and experience from this medicine, Canna Reviews suggests you speak with your doctor to achieve better results.

Sharing of medication

Reviews that mention sharing of your prescribed medication with someone else, or being gifted from another party will be declined. Sharing your prescribed medication is illegal.

Privacy and defamation

Reviews that include an individuals name (whether positively or negatively) may be declined to protect that persons identity and privacy. Reviews on clinics or products mentioning a Doctor or Nurses name may be edited at our discretion to protect their privacy. Please do not defame an individual, this is not a platform to target and attack someone. If you think a practitioner has breached their code of conduct or not met their duty of care please contact AHPRA.

Links and advertising

Please don't post links, advertise for companies, market products or make suggestions to patients for the use of other products. If you have an affiliation with a company, please refrain from submitting a review. This is against our terms of use. Canna Reviews is an unbiased platform and it is a conflict of interest to review your own product or your competitors products. Links to other online shops, platforms, your own website/shop etc. are not allowed. Canna Reviews is not a platform to promote your own service(s). The only exceptions to adding links include linking to peer reviewed research and/or educational YouTube videos. If links are included as part of your review, we may edit your review and remove them at our discretion.


One patient. One account. Please resist the urge to create multiple accounts and post the same review - we understand you may have strong feelings but this doesn't help anyone. We have a process to detect this and offending accounts will be disabled.

Review approvals and verification

If we suspect a review is disingenuous, false and/or misleading, we may be in touch. To protect the legitimacy of this site, and the experiences of its users, Canna Reviews reserves the right to ask you to confirm you are a legitimate patient and user of a product. This could include providing a de-identified prescription, ID or photographic proof that you have the product in your possession. All data submitted is strictly confidential in line with our Privacy Policy and will be deleted once verified.

Legal issues

Request for removal of reviews

We will respond to reasonable requests for review removal in line with these Review Guidelines. If a review infringes or violates any laws, please contact us to report and discuss. Be factual and give details of why the review should be removed. We may not reply to every request, however, they will be analysed internally as part of our processes.


There is a zero-tolerance policy in respect to threatening requests that we receive. We may remove your product from the website, publish threats in the product listings place and contact the ACCC. Attempts to manipulate patient and consumer feedback is taken seriously and the ACCC may treat such threats as acting against Australian Consumer Law with your company liable for various financial penalties.

Fake reviews

Whether a review is positive or negative - if it is detected or suspected as fake, it may be removed at our discretion and your account(s) indefinitely disabled. If your business has been posting fake reviews on your own products, we may replace your product(s) with a notice detailing your fake submissions and conduct. We will also submit all details and evidence to the ACCC for them to investigate contraventions of consumer protection laws.

The above also applies to negative reviews. If it is detected or suspected that negative reviews have been left by a competitor or patient with a vendetta, these may also be removed, and the associated accounts disabled and banned. If you submit negative reviews on a competitor's product, we reserve the right to notify the public and your competitor of this unscrupulous behaviour. We may also publish such notice on your own product(s) listings, remove the offending reviews and submit all details and evidence to the ACCC for their investigation.

These review guidelines are subject to change at any time at our discretion with no notice. Please go through them before submitting a review. We reserve the right to decline or remove any reviews for any reason at any time and disable and/or ban user accounts.