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T17 Day Flower

High THC CBD THC Sativa Dominant


Mono cultivar

THC 17%

CBD <1%

Category 5
Schedule 8
Finished Product
$79 RRP
$9.90 g / $0.06 mg
In Stock
Updated: 19/09/23

Cannatrek’s ‘Cornerfield’ range offers compassionate pricing, with a recommended retail price of $99, to support Australian patients struggling with significant medical expenses.

Cornerfield offers API (THC) with flower medications comprised of ‘B-Grade flower’ or ‘Mids’. ‘B-Grade flower’ has the same concentration of API, terpenes and moisture as Cannatrek’s premium flower medications, but is generally comprised of smaller and/or fluffier buds.

Please note,

- There are no additional concession discounts available on Cornerfield medications.

- Cornerfield is released AU-GMP.

- Each Cornerfield batch released is mono cultivar.

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Based on 1 review

Top reported conditions % say it helps
Anxiety 100%

Top reported effects

  1. Calming
  2. Focused
  3. Hungry
  4. Relaxed
  5. Uplifting

Top reported flavours/scents

Information above is compiled from real patient reviews - it is not to be taken as medical advice. Cannabis may have side effects or interactions with other medications. Medical Cannabis is not effective for everyone and more research is needed. Please consult a health professional for advice.

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3.5 Avg. rating from 1 reviews

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Reviewed Jun 21, 2023 by lastninjaz


Good value daytime anxiety relief, but low terps and on the slightly harsh side

Says Australian Grown on the tub. Any ideas who might be producing this? Opening the tub, there is... Says Australian Grown on the tub. Any ideas who might be producing this? Opening the tub, there is little nose, slightly 'hay' smelling, nothing too special - it has a boveda in it though so that explains why not much tub smell. Tub has decent sized nugs, a few smaller popcorns but also a couple of 1.5g bigger ones. Mostly medium size buds. Good trim. It didn't seem to need the boveda yet which is nice - it's a newly released product and the boveda had no 'use' out of it (no rocks in it) so it is the proper hydration level (obviously might need the boveda over time if it sat on a shelf for 6-12 months). Expiry is January 2024 so it must be quite freshly produced or packaged if it's a 6 month expiry. Smelling the ground up material from my Brilliant Cut Grinder, it has a faint fruity smell, quite pleasing - as usual with boveda, it keeps the smell INSIDE the buds so that you don't get much jar/tub smell, but you get it back when it's ground up. It would be nice to know the strain of this product but sadly that isn't revealed. Perhaps when I have finished it all I could try removing the tub label and see if it says anything under it. But it's a budget product and thought I would take the plunge as there aren't many cheap sativa options out there. Starting temp stepping my Xmax V3 Pro at 165c - it has a nice menthol and fruit taste. However it appears to be fairly terp-less, it is a bit on the harsh side after the first puffs. Similar to the Alfie GT Haze I recently tried, I'm finding it hard to vape after a few draws, as it is harsh. But the effects seem similar to how I found Beersheba effected me - it was also a harsh vape due to being very terp-less, but it had great effects for me as a daytime anxiety relief. I'm quite lightweight now so I don't use or need much any more compared to before having a massive t-break, but after just 2-3 puffs at 165c on my vape I am getting munchies as well as having anxiety relief and a clear headed, somewhat uplifted sativa-y effect. It's a creeper also. It's quite cold but I'm warm inside, focused, and a bit of a nice (physical) buzz around my temples. I had a stressful night last night - I am finding the Cornerfield T17 Day to be helping with my depression, anxiety and sadness. It's not super uplifting or energising, which is what I am searching for in a daytime sativa. But it's another good option to consider. I noticed one other picture of this on reddit - my buds look denser and less foxtailing than that picture. Overall for $9.90/g it's good bang for buck daytime. I rated Beersheba for anxiety and I rate this similarly. It could be a bit less harsh though but like Beersheba, I'll put up with it for its good effects. It's working well after only a few puffs anyway so I don't feel the need to use much of it, so I can get around the harshness by not needing to use much of it at a time. It's still not the anxiety and depression smasher that I found Spectrum Red No 2 Super Lemon Haze (discontinued) was though so I will keep searching for the best anxiety relief strain for myself. But this is a good option in the meantime while I keep looking. Other daytime options I would rate: Bedrocan Bedrocan Jack Herer, Yamba, Argamon, Jerusalem, MGC Royal Moby, Red no 2 Lemon Skunk, Mariposa.. might be a couple more I've tried that I'm forgetting. They are my initial thoughts on my first experience of the product and its effects.

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  • Did it help? Yes
  • Price (excl. ship) $99
  • Batch # 230407
  • Prescribed for
  • Anxiety, Inflammation Calming, Focused, Hungry, Relaxed, Uplifting
  • Method
  • Vaporiser Fruity,