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As an Australian owned and operated platform for natural plant alternatives, we strive to deliver a user-friendly platform that benefits patients, Doctors, pharmacists and suppliers across Australia and within the plant medicine industry. Having a central hub that not only educates patients and Doctors, but a hub that connects them together in a safe and legal way.

Australia wide

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Reviewed May 20, 2023 by valuedcustomer


As a disabled pensioner I was treated appallingly buy these ahem "professionals"... As a disabled pensioner I was treated appallingly buy these ahem "professionals" I see they have REBRANDED as "Healing Leaves" - THESE GUYS are the WORST all they want do is write scripts for unavailable products and then charge you another fee to see a dr again - RIP OFF THEIR SERVICE AND UNETHICAL BEHAVIOUR ARE SO BAD they have to rebrand as Pharmacann, TheCannabisCentre, Healing Leaves probably a lot of other names too - I REPEAT all they do is charge you over and over and over again for consults for unavailable prescriptions - it is a RORT AVOID AT ALL COSTS! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED>

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  • Recommended? No
  • Type Checkup
  • Cost $75
  • Consult length
    On time
    Aftercare support
  • 10 minutes No No
  • Customer service
    Given script/appr.
    Choice of pharmacy
  • Very Bad Yes Yes