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Cannabis Doctors Tasmania mission is to provide you with knowledge and assess whether a trial of medicinal cannabis may help you manage your condition more effectively under the guidance of our authorised prescriber doctor - Doctor Tom Kaczor. We will also provide you close support and answer all your questions. If medicinal cannabis proves ineffective for your condition we will also provide you advice on further treatment options.

Tasmania, Australia wide

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Recommended 50%
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Aftercare support 50%
Given script/approvals 50%
Choice of pharmacy 50%

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Reviewed Nov 02, 2023 by kingboo94


I would not recommend Cannabis Doctors Tasmania (note that despite the name, they don’t appear to ac... I would not recommend Cannabis Doctors Tasmania (note that despite the name, they don’t appear to actually be in Tasmania (Dr Tom is registered in Vic), they have a Tasmanian address and phone number in Watso. And you will communicate with Dr Tom’s wife). A majority of their Google reviews come from people who have only ever reviewed one place and that place is Cannabis Doctors Tasmania, (so they cannot be legitimate…). I can’t go into specific detail as to why I don’t recommend them, as I’m currently making an official complaint to the Victorian Health Commissioner. But my main concerns are regarding transparency, professionalism, product knowledge/instructions on how to use products, communication, lack of empathy and doctor-patient confidentiality. You didn’t once apologise when I brought these concerns up with you via email, you seemed to be very defensive about the situation and you told me to go somewhere else if I wasn’t happy with the service. You did not care that I was having issues and fobbed me off to 000. Hence why I am making an offical complaint, there are several things that aren’t right here. A doctor has a duty of care, and in my experience, this failed. When a doctor prescribes such experimental, schedule 8 medicines, and doesn’t give the patient any knowledge on how to use the medicines and the patient becomes psychically and mentally very unwell due to these medicines, the very least you need to do is consult with them asap, not tell them to call 000. You prescribed the medicines, no one else did. It is your responsibility. But it appears to me that all that is important is money. I didn’t even get an initial 30 minute consult (let alone a 45 minute), I got 20 minutes, for $139. You could have given me a quick 10 minute phone call (you had appointments the next day) to make up for that. I am absolutely appalled and I am continuing to make an official complaint through the appropriate channels.

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  • Recommended? No
  • Type First consult
  • Cost $139
  • Consult length
    On time
    Aftercare support
  • 20 minutes No No
  • Customer service
    Given script/appr.
    Choice of pharmacy
  • Very Bad No No

Reviewed Jun 27, 2023 by Kpr2000


So thankful, I finally have a caring and educated doctor. Has changed my life

  • Recommended? Yes
  • Type Checkup
  • Cost $89
  • Consult length
    On time
    Aftercare support
  • 15 minutes Yes Yes
  • Customer service
    Given script/appr.
    Choice of pharmacy
  • Excellent Yes Yes