Ora Pharm Brand Profile

OUR FOUNDER’S STORY Ora Pharm founder and CEO Zoe Reece’s passion for sharing the life-changing benefits of medicinal cannabis comes from her personal health journey. Her empathy for others struggling with health problems and experience helping to grow the largest legal cannabis company in the United States motivated her to start Ora Pharm. Zoe began life battling illness. For years, doctors tried to diagnose her, but tests were inconclusive and medications didn’t work. At age 15, she decided to remove gluten from her diet and her health improved immediately. It was her first experience of taking control of her own health. In 2018, she was diagnosed with endometriosis while working at Curaleaf in the United States, now the world’s largest legal cannabis company. Zoe was Director of Engineering at Curaleaf and played a leading role in the company’s expansion. Knowing that she didn’t want to take opioids for pain relief, which were ineffective and had severe side effects, Zoe tried a CBD tincture. It was her first time using a medicinal cannabis product. Alongside Zoe’s personal experience, she found many people were self-medicating with cannabis to manage a wide range of health issues. She's observed how legislative changes have paved the way for more patients to seek professional help and access safe, high-quality cannabis products. As a result, doctor-patient conversations have also become more open and collaborative, often leading to the diagnosis of underlying conditions, better care, and improved health outcomes. Zoe’s personal experiences with medicinal cannabis - as well as her work in the industry in the United States - led her to start Ora Pharm. “I’ve heard countless stories similar to my own. It’s made me very passionate about using Ora Pharm as a vessel to help people take back control of their health and enjoy life to the fullest.”
Ora Pharm