MCA Brand Profile

MCA is passionate about helping people discover the therapeutic potential of cannabis so that patients around the world can benefit from a better quality of life. We source, supply and research high quality pharmaceutical cannabinoid medicines and are licensed to research, cultivate, and manufacture medical cannabis. High Quality Medicine: MCA partners with global experts who use advanced technology, ethical and sustainable practices to produce superior cannabinoid medicine from premium genetics. We are meticulous in selecting products that retain their natural spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, maximising the therapeutic benefit of the plant. MCA’s products undergo thorough laboratory testing to ensure steadfast adherence with Australia’s strict quality standards. Enhanced Cannabis Care: MCA are committed to building communities who are confident in delivering a high standard of cannabis care so that patients can achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes. Our Community Patient Care Program provides registered healthcare professionals with specialised education and support, including complimentary access to a cannabis pharmacist who can provide medical advisory assistance to them and their patients. Scientific Approach: MCA understands the importance of ongoing clinical research to continue to prove the benefits of medical cannabis and support the registration of cannabinoid medicines. We are passionate about scientific education and regularly provide healthcare professionals with updates on high quality clinical research. MCA is also actively investing in an R&D program that will help advance scientific understanding of the cannabis plant. At MCA, we have High Quality Medicine, GMP/GACP Production Competitively Priced, Medical Advisory Service and Scientific Education R&D Investment.

MCA Product List

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Form Product Name Size THC CBD # of Reviews Rating Price
MCA CIRRUS T800 1.0g 800mg/cart 0mg/cart 2 Sign In Sign In
MCA NOVA T800 1.0g 800mg/cart 0mg/cart 2 Sign In Sign In
MCA SPECTRA T800 1.0g 800mg/cart 0mg/cart 0 Sign In Sign In
MCA ALTO T26 10g 26% <1% 5 Sign In Sign In
MCA NOVA T28 10g 28% <1% 7 Sign In Sign In
MCA Sana C200 30ml 0mg/ml 200mg/ml 1 Sign In Sign In
MCA Stratus T24 10g 24% <1% 1 Sign In Sign In


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