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Purified CBD 25

$175 RRP
  • THC 0mg/ml
  • CBD 25mg/ml
  • Oil
  • CBD

Tilray Purified CBD 25 oil is a cannabis extract suitable for oral ingestion and/or use in food products. Each mL contains a target concentration of 25 mg of CBD.

Purified CBD 25 oil comes in a 25 mL bottle and includes a measured dropper to assist with dosing. Each bottle contains a target content of 625 mg of CBD. Carrier oil is coconut oil.

  • THC : CBD ratio
    0mg/ml : 25mg/ml
  • Total Cannabinoids
Price per mg of cannabinoid $0.28
Strength 25mg/ml
Size 25ml
Cannabinoids CBD
Carrier oil MCT oil
Brand Tilray
Origin Canada

Patient reviews of Tilray Purified CBD 25

2.0 Avg. rating Based on 1 reviews
Reviewed Jun 27, 2021 by Sassycatenthusiast
A fair starter oil but bad price point

This is my first CBD oil, prescribed for chronic pain, chronic migraine and anxiety. I’ve found it to be a fair starter oil to dip my toe into the market, it has helped me require less painkillers (sadly I still need them). So it has served it’s purpose, it was prescribed to test out CBD oil. But now that I have more knowledge I will be going to my next specialist appointment with requests for different brands/strengths. I will say the price, for what you get, is just unreasonable (especially considering you end up paying more due to Tilray charging extra shipping for single bottles which ends up being passed onto the customer). If I had known about this site prior to my conversation with my specialist, I would have requested a different oil to start on (since there are cheaper options that serve the same purpose). As I said, it’s not *bad*, there’s just better options available.

Prescribed again: No
Price paid (excl. delivery): $183
Batch number (on label): N0000010496

Helps with

Migraine, Chronic Pain (Non-Cancer)


Calming, Dry Mouth, Happy, Pain Relief, Relaxed


Sublingual/under the tongue


Don't know

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