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MGC MP 1:30

mgc pharma

Would get prescribed again? 0.0%

Mercury Pharma MGC MP 1:30

  • THC:CBD ratio
    3mg/ml : 100mg/ml
  • Total Cannabinoids

Price per mg of cannabinoid $0.07
Strength 103mg/ml
Size 30ml
Cannabinoids CBD, THC
Carrier oil MCT oil
Brand mgc pharma
Origin Europe

1 Reviews

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wilrc4570 – Jan 15, 2021
Calming effect, not for pain relief

I would not recommend this for pain relief as was prescribed for myself, minimal benefit even with maximum dosage of 5mg twice daily, really only effective for calming in my personal experience, for pain relief you really need a high THC content such as a 20:1 ratio or greater but then of course be careful driving as higher THC has greater effect on reactions

Would you get prescribed again? No
Price paid (excl. delivery): $185
Batch number (as per label): 625

Helps with

Chronic Pain (Non-Cancer), Other



Method of consumption

Sublingual/under the tongue



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