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MGC MP 1:1

mgc pharma

Would get prescribed again? 0.0%

Mercury Pharma MGC MP 1:1

  • THC:CBD ratio
    25mg/ml : 25mg/ml
  • Total Cannabinoids

Price per mg of cannabinoid $0.15
Strength 50mg/ml
Size 30ml
Cannabinoids CBD, THC
Carrier oil MCT oil
Brand mgc pharma
Origin Europe

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Paulc – Jun 05, 2021
dissapointed. Its either nothing happening or sleep, no middle ground

ive been working with this product for between 5 to 6 weeks and i simply cannot find a way to get the benefit from it. My medical needs are in relation to long standing diagnosys of ADHD, depression, anxiety, and ptsd. It sincerely seems like nothing at all is occuring after 3 drops, so over time ive worked up to 6-7, very slowly over days of course. When i get to 7 i just fall asleep. Even though im still not feeling any benefit from the product. Thats no good for me as i have children and things to do naturally which require my involvement. Other products ive used had that middle ground to find the dose thats going to work. This has not revealed that or much else really after careful and maticulously going up and down between 3 and 7 drops a dose to try and get things happening. Ive had enough time with the product now to know its a dud for me.

Would you get prescribed again? No
Price paid (excl. delivery): $220
Batch number (as per label): 03102009

Helps with

ADD/ADHD, Anxiety



Method of consumption

Sublingual/under the tongue


Don't know

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