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Luminarium (Sativa)


Would get prescribed again? 100.0%

26-29% THC, 0.01% CBD. Luminarium is a high-THC sativa-dominant strain. Dominant Aroma: Mango

Strain: Delahaze

  • THC:CBD ratio
    22.1% : <1%
  • Total Cannabinoids

Price per mg of cannabinoid $0.08
Price per Gram $18.00
Price per Oz (28g) $504
Size 15g
Cannabinoids CBD, THC
Brand MedReleaf
Origin Canada

3 Reviews

5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 stars
curious botanical project – Jun 04, 2021
Mango Tango

It smells like a bowen mango, really fruity delicious flavour. Buds are typically small popcorn nuggets, very crisp, green with orange hairs and a light covering of crystals. It's a little too dry, chops down and turns to dust quite easily, so grinder is best. Nice smoke, it took a while to adjust to it, being a sativa I tried it during the day, but found i had to take 20 to just chill before trying to accomplish anything, it was almost uncomfortable initially where i experienced quite a hazy period and had to actually lie down at times. This does lessen in time, but a bit off a red flag in some ways. Really nice to mix with an indica, my fav is a blend of Girl Scout Cookies and the Luminarium, takes the edge off a bit and works nicely. Also, gave it 3 stars because its super expensive. $540 for 30 grams, in comparison to the lemonnos or silver surfer haze, I think is super over priced. Worth a punt, it's delicious, just not great value.

Would you get prescribed again? Yes
Price paid (excl. delivery): $270
Batch number (as per label): xo

Helps with

General Pain (Non-Cancer), Stress


Focused, Relaxed, Uplifting

Method of consumption

Smoked (Bong)


Earthy, Pepper, Tobacco

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Medicannabisreveiwer – Apr 16, 2021
Lumanarium what a wonderful name

The Flowers : Are fluorescent Green with a abundance of red hairs the trichomes are easily visible to the naked eye . The Smell : has a incredible nutty profile , pistachios inperticular , with a earthy woody somehow sweet flavour. The medical stuff : I found tremendous relief with my nerve pain and siatica pain also helps with appetite and anxiety . The rating explained : I have rated this flower 4 star , half star was deducted for humidity level which is usually around the 40% mark which I find just too dry . Half a star was also deducted for inconsistency of THC levels .

Would you get prescribed again? Yes
Price paid (excl. delivery): $260
Batch number (as per label): 2699357536950409

Helps with

Chronic Pain (Non-Cancer), Anxiety


Creative, Energetic, Hungry, Pain Relief, Uplifting

Method of consumption



Earthy, Nutty, Pine, Woody

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Palko11 – Nov 02, 2020
Very strong sativa

Initially when you open the bottle the beautiful sweat, citrusy aroma punches you square in the face. This strain is probably the most unique as far as flavor profile goes I have tried to date. Unfortunately for me this strain really made me anxious for about 2 hours (I have pretty bad anxiety to start with) but after that chilled out it was a nice uplifting feeling, my back felt good and I was in a great mood. I do recommend this strain for those who don't get anxious from high thc sativas

Would you get prescribed again? Yes
Price paid (excl. delivery): $300
Batch number (as per label): Can't remember

Helps with

Chronic Pain (Non-Cancer), Inflammation


Anxious, Energetic, Euphoric, Happy, Paranoid

Method of consumption



Citrus, Earthy, Lemon, Lime, Mango

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