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HAPA CBD 50 60ml

HAPA pharm
$349 RRP
  • THC 0mg/ml
  • CBD 50mg/ml
  • Oil
  • CBD

HAPA pharm is an international company focused on the research, development and distribution of cannabinoid-containing drug formulations. HAPA pharm products are full spectrum cannabis extracts in olive oil.

  • THC : CBD ratio
    0mg/ml : 50mg/ml
  • Total Cannabinoids
Price per mg of cannabinoid $0.12
Strength 50mg/ml
Size 60ml
Cannabinoids CBD
Carrier oil MCT oil
Brand HAPA pharm
Origin Germany

Patient reviews of HAPA pharm HAPA CBD 50 60ml

5.0 Avg. rating Based on 1 reviews
Reviewed May 14, 2021 by popatkamaal
Works for mold / mercury related sensitivities

If you are one of those rare folks with extreme sensitivities (e.g. EMF), mold / mercury toxicity - this product appears to be a game changer. Having tried 3 other CBD oils with MCT or hemp seed oil and seen little effect, this one with olive oil carrier provides a noticeable and sustained (about 4h for me) alleviation of symptoms.

Prescribed again: Yes
Price paid (excl. delivery): $210
Batch number (on label): NA

Helps with

Inflammation, Other


Calming, Creative, Energetic





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