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Bedrobinol® 5g


Would get prescribed again? 0%

13.5% THC:<1% CBD, Sativa-Afgani/Pure Haze. Introduced in 2005, Bedrobinol® is the brand name for the cultivar Cannabis sativa L. 'Ludina'. Cannabis sativa L. 'Ludina' is bred in-house by Bedrocan. Its THC-level can be considered medium strength, standardised at 13,5%, with a CBD-level below 1 %.

  • THC:CBD ratio
    13.5% : 1%
  • Total Cannabinoids

Price per mg of cannabinoid $0.19
Price per Gram $25.8
Price per Oz (28g) $722
Size 5g
Cannabinoids CBD, THC
Brand bedrocan
Origin Europe

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