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Cheese Quake

Beacon Medical

Would get prescribed again? 100.0%

Beacon Medical THC+|F Cheese Quake is an Indica-hybrid dried medical cannabis flower. Each gram of dried flower contains 15% (w/w) THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and <.1% (w/w) CBD (Cannabidiol).

Strain: Cheese Quake - Cheese X Querkle

  • THC:CBD ratio
    15% : <1%
  • Total Cannabinoids

Price per mg of cannabinoid $0.10
Price per Gram $14.90
Price per Oz (28g) $417.20
Size 10g
Cannabinoids CBD, THC
Terpenes Beta Caryophyllene, Linalool, Myrcene
Brand Beacon Medical
Origin Canada

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Patm80 – May 19, 2021
Never judge a book by it's cover

I've been excited for this one since I first saw it. I've always been a fan of Cheese and Querkle so when I saw this I jumped on it. Upon opening the container I got that classic cheese with candy berries from the querkle. It was my first vape of the day and I underestimated it and packed about the same amount I usually pack the Sensi star. Even though it's not as frosty as their sensi star it lasted ages in the vape. Terps held strong right till the end of the vape. Flavor was beautiful kind of like a strong brie or camembert with cranberries. Onset is incredibly rapid. It is very much a body stoned that you can really feel in your stomach so it is great for stomach problems probably because of the CBG content in Querkle as with other berry/Grape tasting cultivars. The amount I packed completely caught me off guard "had a small tolerance break not too long ago" so maybe pack small at first. 2nd vape I packed smaller and the effects on the body were beautiful. Great for pain/discomfort and stomach problems, also good for sleep. Very unique feeling that is reminiscent of old school cultivars. Really goes to show that you can't judge a strain by the thc content. It's all in the terpene profile. Even though it doesn't look the best the effects are strong which is often the case with the classics and is something that's being lost in newer hype cultivars.

Would you get prescribed again? Yes
Price paid (excl. delivery): $149
Batch number (as per label): 106CQ25501

Helps with

Chronic Pain (Non-Cancer), Inflammation


Calming, Hungry, Pain Relief, Relaxed, Tired/Sleepy

Method of consumption



Berry, Cheese, Earthy, Grape, Sweet

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