These review guidelines are subject to change at any time at our discretion with no notice. Please go through them before submitting a review. We reserve the right to decline or remove any reviews for any reason at any time and disable and/or ban user accounts. If you share a genuine experience with consideration of others, you're sure to have your review approved and provide better value and help to other patients. These guidelines also apply to comments made on others reviews.

Basic Review Guidelines

5 Simple Rules
  1. Give detail and share your personal experience
  2. Write in a coherent manner with decent grammar and spelling
  3. Do not be abusive or threatening in your review
  4. Do not share personal names or contact details
  5. Try not to swear. No shouting in ALL CAPITALS

When reviewing a product, please detail your personal experience. Sharing your personal experience using a medical cannabis product will help others on their medical cannabis journey. Be as helpful as possible and write a review that you would find beneficial.

Try to focus on the experience of the product itself and not the service of the pharmacy or doctor you obtained it from. If we believe you have not been prescribed the product or are posting on behalf of another individual or company, your review will be declined or removed.

Be factual, coherent, and calm - this way others will get more help out of your experience. Try to keep in mind that this is a platform to help other patients, not to complain or vent. We understand you may be emotional due to your circumstances, however, emotional reviews will be declined. Any reviews that vent and rant about politics will also be declined. This website is not the forum to complain about the current legal framework surrounding medical cannabis, there are more appropriate forums and advocacy groups online for this. We encourage participation in these forums to improve access and change things positively.

Abuse Guidelines

Personal attacks

Please do not post personal attacks that are abusive, threatening or insulting. This also applies to being abusive to companies and suppliers. Reviews of such nature will be declined or removed. You can write a negative review without being attacking.


Any reviews that contain intolerant commentary about race or culture, religious beliefs, political persuasion, mental health, gender, age, or any other personal subject will be declined. Your account may be disabled indefinitely. Please be considerate of other patients and inclusive in your comments.


There is no need to swear in your review despite how you may be feeling. Using asterisks or other “covers” does not mean your review will be approved as your intention is clear. Do not type in all capitals as this is considered shouting online. General swearing is allowed within reason and at our discretion.

Marketing Guidelines

Company affiliations

If you are affiliated with a particular company, please refrain from writing a review as this may be construed as a conflict of interest. With our wide network of industry contacts, you will be discovered and a warning will be placed on your products/reviews.

Links and Advertising

This site is not an advertising or marketing platform for companies and is not to be used as such. External links are not allowed, and your review will be declined if it contains any links. Recommendations for other products are permitted (within reason) although a review on that alternative product directly is preferred.

“Marketing” reviews

Please do not post reviews that sound like marketing jargon. These may be declined or removed at our discretion. Provide a genuine review of your product experience.

Approval Guidelines


Please do not create multiple accounts and spam reviews to a specific product. If we detect that this is occurring, you will be banned, and ALL associated accounts will be permanently disabled.

Review approvals and verification

We may be in touch with you to confirm if you are a legitimate patient and user of a product. We may ask you to provide further information such as a de-identified prescription, ID or photographic proof that you have the product in your possession. All data submitted is strictly confidential in line with our Privacy Policy.