Canna Reviews Australia is back online after a short hiatus.

There has been speculation in various forums of why we have been offline for the last week. We are here to tell everyone that all of it is unfounded.

We experienced a technical issue with our email provider who decided to suddenly restrict our account due to "not supporting cannabis businesses". We really have a long way to go to change perceptions.

The team decided to take the website offline so we could focus on delivering an updated platform (which has been in the pipeline for months) and finding a better provider that supports the cannabis world. Due to such high demand, we've worked around the clock for the last week to bring some major improvements forward much earlier than anticipated.

You'll notice a cleaner look and feel that works better on mobile and some very handy new features and pages:

- You can now search for Reviews
- Use Review filters and faceting for conditions, effects and ratings
- You can edit/update your reviews
- Search Products using any term
- Use Product filters of every kind (cannabinoids, terpenes, carrier oil etc.)
- You can now save and favourite products of interest to show your Doctor
- The Clinic Price Comparison table has much better sorting and usability on mobile
- Ability to compare and book a Clinic from the one place
- A Research section with ~700 scientific papers

We hope you find these features useful in your medical cannabis journey! We encourage all prescribed patients to share their experiences by writing a review. We can all improve the system, help others get better access and change the negative stigma of cannabis among some medical practitioners. If you're a Doctor or Pharmacist, you're welcome to sign up as well, there is plenty of information that will help you to help your patients. Your contributions and the tremendous growth of this platform over the last 11 months shows that there is demand for something better! You deserve it.

Thank you for your support
The Team @ Canna Reviews Australia